Compact ejectors double stream spray nozzles EŻK TWIN

It is possible to perform application at the wind speeds up to 6 m/s. Treatments made of double stream spray nozzles guarantee good penetration of the grain field, and very good coverage of the side surfaces of plants. Applied to all plants protection products and liquid fertilizers.

Nozzle sizes: 02, 025, 03, 04 , 05, 06, 08
Spraying angle: 110° (norms by visi flow)


  • Double stream spray nozzles EŻK TWIN generates two similar liquid streams with the angle of 110°, which are deflected from the axis of the spray nozzles about 30°, which guarantees a good penetration of the grain field and a very good coverage of the side surfaces of the plants
  • Automatic air suction
  • Optimum range of the spray boom height from 40 to 60 cm
  • Optimum pressure range: from 2.5 to 4.5 bar, the full range: from 2 to 6 bar
  • The quality of the spraying: medium drops drops
  • Application of fungicide treatments in rape cultivation and herbicide in beet cultivation, protection of vegetables and ear protection
  • Removable insert with dosing orifice provides easy cleaning

ENTAM-Test Report 6/2012/BO/Rd/N-1


Table consumption of MMAT spray nozzlescs:


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